“Smart lock” created in Armenia’s Vanadzor

The Smart Electronics company based in Vanadzor, Armenia, have created a smart lock. If you have it, you can forget the key, according to Smartnewsblog.

It took a four-member group a year to develop the devise.

The lock can be installed on the door and controlled from anywhere.

“The lock can be opened with the smart phone’s Bluetooth or Internet through apps available for both iOS and Android,” the company’s CEO Arkady Khumarov told Smartnewsblog.

According to him, what’s most important about the new devise is its security. “That’s why the most advanced security technologies have been applied,” Khumarov added.

The smart lock will work on batteries, but one-time charging will be enough for a year.

Arkady Khumarov said the lock will go on sale, when they find financing to fund the production.

The devise is expected to cost about $60-70 in the initial stage, but the price will be cut, when the quantity increases.

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